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Are you in the market for a new VoIP phone system for your business?

TeraPixels Systems provides, installs, services high-end VoIP business phone systems throughout San Diego. With a new VoIP service your business will immediately gain all the features necessary to support your business along with the cost benefits of having a connected VoIP phone system.

We have worked with a variety of businesses throughout the San Diego region and our team of engineers have over 20 years of experience and understand how to properly service and install your new VoIP service.

Welcome To TeraPixels Systems

VoIP Services – Benefits

Our Vision

TeraPixels Systems vision is to be the leading VoIP Service provider in San Diego. We accomplish this by providing local San Diego businesses with flexible, customized solutions in VoIP services with the clients best interest in mind.

   VoIP Services San Diego – Testimonials

TeraPixels installed a modern VoIP system to an old office. Not only did they install modern cabling but they also offered cost effective solutions that suited our growing business. And as we’ve moved forward, they’ve stood behind us with superior warranty and customer service. – Jake

We shopped many for VoIP service providers in San Diego. Terapixels offered a variety of options at a reasonable price. Now that we are a customer for almost a year, we highly recommend Terapixels to our network for great service and customer support. – Amir

VoIP Services In San Diego – Technical Features

At TeraPixels we are constantly trying to innovate features that provide easy-to-use, consistency, user-friendly, and inter-operable VoiP phone solutions that help enterprises achieve greater business success.

Secure VoIP Service

As an IT security company Terapixels Systems understands the importance of business security. We understand that your assets and information are valuable to you therefore we take extra security measures to ensure we properly secure your business information and phone systems.

Unified Communication with Video Conference Calls

As part of the IT revolution TeraPixels Systems implemented a VoIP service that also includes a modern video conference calling solution. This digital unified communication video conference calling has made it easier than ever for employees to easily connect with one another, including management, clients, and customers.

Advanced Features and Flexibility

TeraPixels Systems offers a variety of advanced VoIP technologies and features that benefit your business. Virtual calling also offers more flexibility compared to a traditional phone system. Traditional phone lines are normally suitable for small businesses with a handful of employees, but businesses that regularly make long-distance calls or have many contacts are better suited to using VoIP services.

TeraPixels Systems – Your San Diego VoIP Service Support Partner

TeraPixels Systems is a member of the San Diego business community and has been providing businesses with high-end VoIP service and installation support in the San Diego region for decades.

Our team of consultants and technicians have the expertise you want for your business VoIP phone system with the local touch of a business located in San Diego.

Business VoIP Solutions in San Diego

From proprietary systems to open platforms, TeraPixels Systems delivers

Automatic Forwarding Call

Stay up-to-date with TeraPixels Systems VoIP call forwarding phone service that will enable you to never miss another phone call.

After Hour Calls

With TeraPixels Systems VoIP services you can set up recordings and programs so that callers can dial other extensions.

Easy to Install

Installing and setting up your new VoIP services in your San Diego business is extremely easy and surprisingly affordable.

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TeraPixels Systems – Your San Diego VoIP Services

TeraPixels Systems is a member of the San Diego business community and has been helping provide VoIP Services and support services in the San Diego region.

Our team of engineers have the expertise you want for your business and network cabling with the local touch of a business located in San Diego.


Frequently Asked Questions about VoIP Services in San Diego

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol or Voice over IP. VoIP is a new form of digital phone service where calls are answered and sent over the internet. VoIP services also have modern and next generation calling, texting, video calling, and conference features that are suitable for businesses who need to keep up to this ever changing digital business world.

What is the Difference Between a Traditional Landline and VoIP? 

Traditional landlines work by transferring analog voice signals over copper wires. Whereas Voice over IP (VoIP) works by transmitting information over the internet.

When it comes to voice calling, the user will probably not notice a difference. When making a call using a VoIP phone service, you pick up the phone like you do a normal landline phone. Dialing a phone number is still formatted like your traditional dial pad.

The differences and benefits of a Voice over IP (VoIP) occurs on the number of features they have over a traditional landline. Here are some of the main features of VoIP:

Is VoIP Reliable?

Today’s modern VoIP technology allows phone calls to sound as clear as a landline phone. However, this VoIP is dependent on your internet service provider network and bandwidth. Technicians installing a new VoIP service to your business begin with testing internet reliability and bandwidth to ensure that your network is sufficient to have Voice over IP phone service without hiccups.

Should You Switch to Business VoIP Service For Your Company Based in San Diego California?

Absolutely!! Currently, countless San Diego businesses are marketing the switch from traditional landlines in favor of Voice of IP (VoIP) service. Business VoIP services allow San Diego businesses to enjoy a variety of different features and flexibility over your traditional phone services but at a much lesser price.

To use a VoIP service for your business is highly dependent on your internet speed and bandwidth. In today’s modern age, high-speed internet is relatively available in most areas. In San Diego, high-speed internet is extremely common and available for businesses. Which is the reason why many San Diego based businesses are switching to a VoIP service over a traditional copper wire phone line.

Furthermore, a typical business VoIP service package includes dozens of features that are necessary to manage and run your office, without adding any additional cost.

Will I save money by switching my business traditional landline to VoIP phone service?

Yes!! VoIP phone services is currently the hottest technology for business communication. Many companies are switching their traditional phone service in favor of VoIP services. Most clients save roughly 50-70% on their phone bill when making the switch to a Voice over IP (VoIP) services.