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Architectural Audiovisual Systems Design/Build

TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS  is your solution for all things audiovisual

From commercial projects to hotels, corporate headquarters and, conference rooms and residential homes, TeraPixels specializes in simple and easy to use touchscreen control systems, video and or audio-conferencing solutions, controlled lighting, motorized shades and home theater.


Architectural HD Speaker hanging from the ceiling and Key Performance TV Monitors with optional customized content


Make a use of any space in your office to provide group presentation or just hangout


Command and control center

Video and Audio Conference call to next office or cross the world

Video and Audio conferencing


Provide an impressive presentation by Casting power point, video, charts or any and all contents from anywhere to anywhere even to your lobby

Bring everyone together as if they are sitting next to each other no matter in which continent, in real time and grow the power of ideas

Multi-channel projectors, Mics, Video Wall with PTZ Cameras creating and multi-source video conferencing

Provide prefect connectivity to all your clients or employees with Cisco Wi-Fi

Speakers, Wi-Fi, TVs

Set up any room so can watch Superball, announce promotions or opening up your next office or introducing your next big thing

Video wall and Projector

You have the Control

Our professional services team provide all the design work

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