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Upgrading Your Security and Reliability with IBM Public Cloud

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Upgrading Your Security and Reliability with IBM Public Cloud

Migrate, modernize complex workloads and build more sophisticated mission-critical applications on IBM public cloud. TeraPixels Systems has partnered with IBM to help clients accelerate speed and efficiency with solutions that build and modernize infrastructures and applications. By utilizing public cloud your business will be able to leverage open source technologies, protect data and apps and run enterprise workloads. Watch the introductory video about public cloud from IBM:

Below you can find our guides on IBM Cloud:

Infrastructure as a Service: A Cost-Effective Path to Agile and Competitive IT.

Traditional on-premises infrastructure with high upfront costs and weeks long scaling lead times is no longer sufficient to effectively support today’s needs and required responsiveness. IT is increasingly moving to a direct revenue-supporting position within the enterprise. Applications may require scaling from hundreds to tens of thousands of users, or go from one geographic location to multiple locations, in a matter of days. Read Guide

IBM Cloud for Financial Services.

External conditions such as COVID-19 are driving extreme volatility in channel usage, in transaction volumes, and product demand. Your legacy systems may lack the resiliency needed to handle these challenges. Current customer behaviors and workloads are likely to shift quickly and dramatically again; placing your systems, your costs and your people under perpetual strain. You are faced with infrastructure that is slow and expensive. Additionally, different executives each with their own set of concerns makes moving to the public cloud seem daunting. Read Guide

Top 10 Facts Tech Leaders Should Know About Cloud Migration.

Cloud migration gained much popularity after Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent in 2015 and a revolutionary speech by General Electric’s (GE’s) CIO, Jim Fowler.1 Rather than focusing public cloud adoption on building new apps, Fowler referred to AWS as a preferred outsourcing option to host its existing applications. Prior to this, I&O leaders had disregarded cloud migration as hard, expensive, and detrimental to the performance of applications. The new storyline highlighted megacloud ecosystem benefits, reinforced outsourcing messaging, and, more importantly, promised that cheaper migration methods were no longer problematic and careful planning could mitigate the performance issues. Read Guide

A guide to securing cloud platforms.

As more organizations move to a cloud-native model for developing apps and managing workloads, cloud computing platforms are rapidly limiting the effectiveness of the traditional perimeter-based security model. While still necessary, perimeter security is by itself insufficient. Because data and applications in the cloud are outside the old enterprise boundaries, they must be protected in new ways. Read Guide