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Surveillance Cameras Systems

Enterprise video surveillance that delivers on multiple stakeholders’ expectations

TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS is an established leader in the design and implementation of complex digital video management systems, many of which utilize thousands of cameras distributed across exceptionally wide area networks. TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS delivers turnkey systems, including camera devices, DVRs, NVRs, storage and related infrastructure to provide a seamless video surveillance platform for our clients’ security and operational use.

The TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS Team has designed, deployed and maintained thousands of integrated video cameras across our client portfolio, expediting incident response times and delivering quick access to indisputable video evidence.

From proprietary systems to open platforms, the TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS Team delivers tailored solutions for each of our clients’ unique environments, including:

Hybrid IP and Analog systems

TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS designs and deploys hybrid video surveillance solutions to organizations with large analog investments. TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS enables clients to leverage their existing IT infrastructure to deploy a unified solution that is standardized across their organization.

A Wide Spectrum of IP-video Cameras, including Megapixel, 4K,Multi-Sensor and Thermal.

From indoor/outdoor cameras through mobile and low-light applications, TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS has extensive experience with a wide range of camera solutions on the market. Our video technical teams assist clients with product selection, design, configuration and installation, to deliver a complete system that strikes the proper balance of resolution quality and cost.

Cloud/Video-As-A-Service Systems

TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS offers cloud-based surveillance platforms that simplify deployment, are extremely scalable and require lower upfront costs.


When it’s impractical or impossible to deploy hard-wired connections, TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS can implement wireless systems using high-bandwidth,high-security wireless links, mesh networks and solar power, delivering video surveillance coverage for virtually any location.


In addition to providing cameras, control systems and video analytics, TERAPIXELS has the expertise to deliver an array of infrastructure solutions to transport and manage unusually large video data streams. TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS video surveillance infrastructure solutions include robust networks, high capacity digital storage, advanced security techniques and other services to make best use of your video technology investments.

Large-Format Video Displays

Large format video displays (video walls, LCDs, projection) enable everyone in the room to view video, documents, computer screens, video conferences and other mission-critical incident content at the same time. TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS has successfully implemented video displays ranging from multi-monitor desktops to massive command center video walls featuring modular “cube” technology.

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