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Renewable Energy

Securing crucial energy production

Without electricity, society immediately comes to a standstill. Regardless of whether you are responsible for a nuclear or fossil fuel power plant or a solar station, Axis will have a solution that ensures the security and safety of your facility and its employees. Sometimes monitoring production efficiency is just as important as the security of your facility. With Axis’ video surveillance you can do both – and gain a smooth-running facility with increased profitability.

Axis network cameras installed at Solar Plant in Solesa, Italy.

Detect and locate intruders over long perimeters in remote locations:

Thanks to Axis advanced high speed PTZ domes (pan/tilt/zoom) you get a wide overview, while also being able to zoom in to detail – even after it’s happened.

Boost productivity through monitoring:

You can increase your efficiency and shorten your downtimes by regularly collecting production data from your remote sites and coupling this with visual information.

Secure surveillance even in harsh conditions:

Axis provides security cameras with active cooling, camera window heaters and adjustable sun shields – ensuring you get the footage you need even in temperatures as low as -50°C (-58°F) and as high as +75°C (+167°F).

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