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Power of new and improved user experiences with our Wi-Fi 6 Certified technology—offering faster speeds for enhanced application experience, and more capacity for high-density indoor and outdoor environments.

IT professionals are faced with more threats to their networks and more business pressure than ever before. Today, you’re responsible for not just managing the network, but also reining in IT inefficiencies, preventing data breaches and more widespread infrastructure threats, conducting regular compliance audits and answering to line-of-business demands. Your Remote Monitoring & Management tool empowers you to manage, monitor and secure your network from within a unified web-based console. It offers a comprehensive suite of best-in-class security services delivered as part of a single integrated platform. It is also the world’s first real-time machine learning solution that leverages the collective intelligence of hundreds of thousands of networks and millions of endpoints to alert you to issues before they occur – giving you actionable insights.



Dynamic Wi-Fi Solutions For More Versatile and Effective Online Experiences

Today, high-speed downloads alone aren’t enough to power the digital experience your customers need. Automation and network connectivity are becoming increasingly vital in all aspects of your business. As IoT devices become more common, even automated manufacturing equipment, healthcare devices, and education infrastructure are all dependent on the capabilities of your network. Existing Wi-Fi networks have a limited bandwidth, meaning that your business’s essential activities might be constrained if you don’t seek out more versatile

Wi-Fi solutions that can power your growth.

Cloud ManagedWiFi

Cisco Wi-Fi 6 is the solution your business requires. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest generation of Wi-Fi, making it more optimized for data and cloud-friendly than ever before. It does away with the restrictive data caps and bandwidths of previous networks, allowing a greater capacity to transfer data to all devices in your organization – computers, laptops, phones, tablets, and IoT devices.

Not only does an updated network accommodate all your digital infrastructure, but it also provides far more stable performance and enhanced bandwidth allowing speeds as much as four times as fast as previous networks. Better networks means better performance, improving the battery life of all your organization’s devices. Wi-Fi 6 is even powerful enough to support intensive 2.4GHz – making it the ideal choice for demanding IoT devices that require substantial infrastructure. No matter what industry you service or audience you’re targeting, Wi-Fi 6 removes the limitations of existing networks and empowers your company to operate at its full digital potential.

Seamless network integration

Easily incorporate UniFi access points into a new or existing network.


TeraPixels Systems provides seamless Cisco Wi-Fi 6 service for your organization that enables you to achieve your business goals. We offer network plans customized to your unique needs, using data-driven cloud solutions that adapt to best serve you, your company, and your customers. Our cloud strategies allow us to provide dependable service without expensive maintenance costs or service fees, allowing you to reap the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 while remaining focused on your business. We develop no-obligation quotes for all our Wi-Fi services to ensure that you can enjoy complete transparency and accountability in working with us.

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