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Data Center

Data Center/Co-Location

Enterprises increasingly are outsourcing their IT services, adopting cloud services and moving workloads to third-party data centers. Among the reasons for the transition are the following benefits:

  • Focusing on their core business
  • Gaining access to upgraded networks, infrastructure and services
  • Eliminating overhead and increasing efficiency in IT operations
  • Lowering total cost of ownership
  • Mitigating risk and improving data security


Data center/co-location vendors are continually evolving their services to provide enterprises with more value, flexibility and security than ever before. But the evolution also presents new challenges and considerations.

The team at TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS understands these concerns and has created strong partnerships with leading providers in the space, giving customers access to informed experts who can provide insight, guidance, and best-in-class solutions in hundreds of facilities. 

Our Solutions

Cabinets, Cages, Private Pods, Private Suites, Scalable Power, Cooling, Layered Security, Cost/Risk Analysis and Optimization, etc.

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