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Network Cabling

San Diego

Network Cabling and Structured Cabling San Diego

TeraPixels Systems customizes, installs, services, and designs industrial and commercial network cabling and wiring throughout San Diego. When making the decision to install a sophisticated network cabling for your business, let the professionals at TeraPixels handle it. We have worked with a variety of businesses and residents throughout the San Diego region and our team understands how to properly organize network cabling in different properties.

Network Cabling San Diego Services

  • High-Quality Structured Network Cabling
  • Custom and Comprehensive Cabling and  Accessory Options
  • Fiber Optic installation
  • WiFi / Wireless Network Installation
  • Honest and Professional Network Cabling Technician

Our Vision

TeraPixels Systems vision is to be the leading network cabling provider in San Diego. We accomplish this by providing clients with flexible, customized solutions in design, cabling, wiring, install, and display solutions with the clients best interest in mind.

Network Cabling Solutions

TeraPixels offers a full network cabling solution to San Diego industrial and commercial businesses.

San Diego Voice and Data Network Cabling Solutions

San Diego Network Cabling and Wiring is the number source for telecommunications. TeraPixels Systems aims to be the industries leading network cabling provider by having the best equipment, modern cabling and infrastructure techniques, and industry leading staff members who educate and advise customers in the selection and implementation of cabling networks and services.

San Diego Data Network Cabling & Wiring

TeraPixels Systems offers a variety of data network cabling to San Diego businesses. The team of skilled experts can accomplish a wide range of network engineering solutions from system design and construction additions.

Our TeraPixels staff members can install network cabling wiring including

  • Fiber Optic
  • CAT 5
  • CAT 5e
  • CAT 6
  • CAT 3
  • Cable TV
  • Phone installations

Structured Network Cabling San Diego

Structured cabling is critical of today’s communication systems. TeraPixels Systems designs and installs cost-effective network cabling communications systems built to meet the needs of your organizations. We offer a full range of services from inspection, installation, to support.

TeraPixels Advantage for your Network Cabling in San Diego?

TeraPixels Systems is one of the largest network cabling service providers in the US with one of our main locations in San Diego.  When you work with our team you can be confident that

  • Your Getting the Best Expertise and Experience of Network Cabling  in San Diego
  • Single-Source Supervision of Your Entire Network Cabling Project from Design Through Execution.
  • Your Receiving the Holistic Network Cabling Solution for your Business
  • You’ll Work with Our Local San Diego Network Cabling Team who can Assists On Premise
  • Properly Labeled and Documented Network Cabling and Wiring for Rapid Change Management, Faster Troubleshooting, and Decreased System Downtime.

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    See what people are saying about us

    We shopped many for surveillance security camera companies in San Diego. TeraPixels offered a variety of options at a reasonable price. Now that we are a customer for almost a year, we highly recommend TeraPixels to our network for great service and customer support.

    – Amir

    TeraPixels installed a modern surveillance camera system to an old warehouse. Not only did they install modern solutions but they also offered cost effective solutions that suited our growing business. And as we’ve moved forward, they’ve stood behind us with superior warranty and customer service.

    – Jake

    San Diego Business Security Camera Solutions

    TeraPixels Systems delivers across the board, with our work extending from proprietary systems to open platforms.


    Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance Camera Installation

    Our TeraPixels Systems team has a wide range of security camera solutions on the market. In addition, our video security technical teams have the experience to tackle different problems and assist clients with product selection, design, configuration and installation, to deliver a complete system that strikes the proper balance of resolution quality and cost.

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    Hybrid IP and Analog Systems

    TeraPixels Systems designs custom video surveillance security cameras solutions for businesses in the San Diego region with large analog investments. We enable clients to leverage their existing infrastructure to deploy a unified solution that is standardized across their organization.

    managed service

    Infrastructure Solutions To Manage Video Data Streams

    TeraPixels Systems team delivers an array of infrastructure solutions. Our goal is to manage and transport unusually large video data streams without minimal delays. Furthermore our video surveillance infrastructure solutions include robust networks, high capacity digital storage, modern and advanced security techniques, and other services to make best use of your surveillance camera security installation investments.

    managed service
    Your San Diego Surveillance Security Support Partner

    As a member of the San Diego business community TeraPixels Systems has been helping provide surveillance systems and security support services to San Diego businesses for decades. Our team of consultants and technicians have the expertise you want to properly secure your business with modern and updated security system technologies with the touch of a business also located in San Diego.

    Frequently Asked Questions about San Diego Network Cabling

    How to Determine Your Network Cabling & Wiring Needs?

    TeraPixels Systems is one of the leading provider of IT services in San Diego and we like to think of ourselves as the best IT services company in San Diego that offers our customers the best quality of service and client engagement.

    Implementing network cabling for your building or structure is determined by many factors. The most important one’s to consider are the following:

    • Your current bandwidth needs
    • Your network environment
    • Expected future bandwidth requirements
    • Budet

    Your primary concern is to determine the type of cabling you currently use and the amount of bandwidth you will need to support your growing business.

    What are the different types of network cabling and which one should you use?

    CAT5: Cat5 cable will support 10BASE-T and 100BASE-T network cabling standards. This means that this network can support 10-100 Mbps data speeds. CAT5e: Cat5e is an enhanced version of Cat5 that enables it to support Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-T, or networks running at 1000 Mbps. CAT6: is certified to handle a gigabit Ethernet network cabling. Additionally, the Cat6 specification is better suited towards environments that are generally unfriendly to twisted cables

    What to Expect From Your Network Cabling Installation?

    By choosing TeraPixels Systems as your network cabling installation service you will get a company that meets and exceeds national standards for labeling, installation, testing and documentation.

    • We’ll come out and visit your site and give you an on site estimate at no cost.
    • A Project Manager is assigned
    • Our project managed will ask a series of questions to determine cost, timeline, and determine the number of workstations
    • All cables pass certification and compliance testing
    • We can install wiring racks, cabinets and patch panels
    • Manufacturer certified and compliance testing

    Frequently Asked Questions about San Diego Network Cabling

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