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What does an IT Service Company Do in Orange County? | TeraPixels

A local IT service company in Orange County will service your small to medium sized branch offices. These IT Service companies will maintain your wireless networks, your access control systems, desktops and laptops, and all of the applications that your employees use.

An IT Service company is your outsourced front line contact for all things IT in your branch office or main office. Instead of hiring a full time tech team, an IT company can provide on demand (break-fix) or proactive maintenance service to keep your services up and running.

Here are some examples of things that require professional maintenance:

  • Microsoft Office: Office365
  • Roaming laptops
  • Desktops
  • Computer security
  • Application support
  • Remote-work-at-home support for VPN users.

For example at one medium sized business that uses Terapixels IT Services, there are many 3rd party services and applications that are quite unreliable and quite complicated. These applications include Office365 with its organizational, licensing and software update issues. In addition, there are countless other licensed applications such as Adobe Cloud services that need periodic maintenance.

Terapixels is an expert at licensing and compliance with software licensing issues that come with these applications. Using an Orange County based company guarantees rapid response from local IT experts.

Other IT companies are known to “offshore” their tech people to the Philippines and India. Terapixels is one of the few companies in Orange County to maintain local experts within Southern California.

Our people speak perfect and clear English and have the skills to interact with your company’s employees competently.

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