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Integrating Cloud Access Control With Your IT Infrastructure

Migrating physical access control to the cloud unlocks new levels of security, flexibility, and efficiency. However, to maximize these benefits, proper integration with existing IT systems and infrastructure is essential.

Verkada Access Control is a powerful cloud-based access management platform. It provides centralized user and permission management, real-time monitoring, and intelligent features like predictive analytics across unlimited sites. Leveraging the cloud removes the complexities of maintaining on-premise controllers and servers.

While the benefits of Cloud Access Control Security Services from providers like Verkada are clear, achieving them requires more than just installing new readers and panels. Integration with other IT systems is key.

Here are some of the most important IT touchpoints to consider:

Active Directory Integration

By linking Verkada Access Control into directory services, user credentials, and access permissions can be synchronized. This avoids duplicate data entry and manual provisioning of user roles. Access rules defined in Verkada will automatically pull user attributes from AD for easy assigning of access permissions. Maintaining credentials in a centralized directory enhances security.

HR Database Integration

HR databases contain key details like employee status, office location, and job title that are useful for access control administration. Connecting Verkada Access Control to HR systems allows employee door access to be automatically granted or revoked when they are hired, transferred, terminated, or have changed roles. This ensures access rights always match current job functions.

Physical Security System Integration

Verkada Access Control can interface with intrusion detection, video surveillance, and other physical security infrastructure. This allows access control events like breaches to trigger alarms, video recordings, and alerts automatically for streamlined monitoring. All data rolls up into a unified command center for next-generation security operations.

Building Automation System Integration

By connecting a Building Automation System (BAS) with Verkada Access Control, doors can be scheduled to automatically lock/unlock based on time of day, facility usage patterns, or other pre-configured events. Remote unlocking is also enabled through the API integration. This enhances security and convenience while reducing manual tasks.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Rather than separate credentials for access control, Single Sign-On allows staff to use one set of corporate login details. This is achieved by integrating Verkada with existing enterprise SSO providers via SAML 2.0 to enable password-less and secure authentication. This improves the user experience while increasing security.

Closing Thoughts: 

Taking full advantage of the latest Cloud Access Control Systems Companies like Verkada requires integration with key IT infrastructure. Partnering with experienced integration experts like Terapixels Systems ensures your implementation aligns access control with the rest of your IT environment.

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