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Smarter Data Security with IBM Security Guardium

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Smarter Data Security with IBM Security Guardium

IBM Security Guardium helps organizations take a smarter, more adaptive approach to protecting their most critical and sensitive data.

Below you can find guides on smarter data security and understanding IBM’s Security Guardium:

Leadership compass database and big data security

Databases are arguably still the most widespread technology for storing and managing business-critical digital information. Manufacturing process parameters, sensitive financial transactions or confidential customer records – all this most valuable corporate data must be protected against compromises of their integrity and confidentiality without affecting their availability for business processes. The area of database security covers various security controls for the information itself stored and processed in database systems, underlying computing and network infrastructures, as well as applications accessing the data. . Read Guide

Five common data security pitfalls to avoid

Even as the IT landscape becomes increasingly decentralized and complex, it’s important to understand that many security breaches are preventable. While individual security challenges and goals may differ from company to company, often organizations make the same widespread mistakes as they begin to tackle data security. What’s more, many enterprise leaders often accept these errors as normal business practice. Read Guide

Data security challenges in a hybrid multicloud world

Let’s face it, cloud computing is evolving at a rapid pace. Today, there’s a range of choices for moving applications and data to cloud that includes various deployment models, from public and private to hybrid cloud service types. As part of a broader digital strategy, organizations are seeking ways to utilize multiple clouds. With a multicloud approach, companies can avoid vendor lock-in and take advantage of the best-of-breed technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. Read Guide

Encryption: Protect your most critical data

Encryption is all around us. Our emails can be encrypted. Our video conferences can be encrypted. Even our phone calls can be encrypted. It’s only natural then to assume our most sensitive business data should also be encrypted. Yet according to Ponemon Institute’s 2019 Global Encryption Trends Study, the average rate of adoption of an enterprise encryption strategy is only 45 percent for those surveyed. Read Guide