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Moving to IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers

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Moving to IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers

Learn how to extended your IT resources into IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers from traditional on-premise only infrastructure with IBM Power® Systems. IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers are colocated and connected with IBM Cloud™, integrating your client’s IBM AIX® and IBM i capabilities. Here’s a great webinar of moving to IBM’s Cloud: In addition to the video above, TeraPixels has great content that you can read through to get a better understanding of the modernizations of Integration with the help of IBM Cloud.

Below you can find our guides on Moving to IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers:

Eight great reasons to adopt hybrid cloud with IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems plus IBM Cloud technology offers users a host of valuable business benefits, from scaling out rapidly to full transparency of costs and the ability to test and develop new projects without financial or operational risk . Read Guide

Three core scenarios for migrating IBM Power Systems workloads to the IBM Cloud

There are strong business cases for users of IBM Power Systems to make the move to the cloud, especially regarding business continuity and disaster recovery provision, testing and development, and application modernization. Read Guide