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Deliver a competitive customer experience with automated workflows

Your employees perform tasks, make decisions and take action in a variety of workflows every day

Whether you’re looking to improve customer-facing workflows or internal processes, each one requires different steps to execute or guide different activities. 

These varied activities present three challenges:

  1. How do you optimize and scale activities in the most accurate, consistent and responsive way to satisfy customers? 
  2. How do you find a solution that can meet diverse needs to handle less-structured, case-centric activities?
  3. How do you measure performance and determine what needs improvement?

IBM Business Automation Workflow simplifies workflows for virtually any business style

IBM® Business Automation Workflow helps you easily and collaboratively discover new ways to automate and scale work by combining business process and case management capabilities. With these combined automation capabilities, you can:

  • Create and manage workflows from process models. 
  • Simplify complex tasks to reduce costs and execution time. 
  • Create content-initiated workflows, so an event triggers a workflow. 
  • Escape paper-heavy or spreadsheet-based workflow organization. 
  • Reconfigure workflows with minimal IT involvement for flexibility. 
  • Reuse workflow components when building parallel processes. 
  • Document actions, content and data to help prepare for audits. 
  • Use built-in reporting, auditing and governance to monitor real-time performance and compliance. 
  • Meet changing business needs with a component based solution.
  • Gain access from the public cloud.
  • Quickly provision with immediate access.

Success story

Financial firm consolidates content for efficiency

A large fund administrator had content related to various accounts scattered across its data storage and administrative interfaces rather than readily accessible within each account. With the help of IBM Case Manager, now part of the IBM Business Automation Workflow, the content was consolidated, and each account was simplified with the creation of a unified electronic record.

Your benefits

IBM Business Automation Workflow

IBM Business Automation Workflow helps you: 

  • Deliver better outcomes. 
  • Create and monitor competitive frontor back-office workflows.
  • Automate operations at scale. 
  • Create unified data records.
  • Improve knowledge-worker interactions. 
  • Improve the overall customer experience.
  • Better handle governance requirements. 
  • Improve the governance of workflows.

Deployment options

Choosing an environment 

Choose one or more of the following environments that best meets your needs:

  • Your cloud. Deploy and run the platform in the cloud of your choice with virtualized containers using Kubernetes or Terraforms with IBM Business Automation for Multicloud.
  • IBM Cloud™. Get started quickly with the IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud SaaS offering, fully managed by IBM with flexible licenses. 
  • On premises. Gain access to on-premises workflow capabilities with Business Automation Workflow.

The journey to automation

The scale you need to compete

IBM intelligent automation platform extends human work with digital labor using one or more automation capabilities.

Start small with one capability, then mix and match capabilities as business needs evolve.

IBM Business Automation Workflow helps you: 

  • Reduce errors and activity time in workflows using robotic process automation (RPA) bots. 
  • Reduce workflow business-logic complexity and change rules-based decisions faster.
  • Improve case work productivity by increasing knowledgeworker understanding of unstructured content.